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Sugar Plum Faeries Dance in My Head

Sugar Plum Fairies Dance in my Head
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Credit to: bijou_faery

This is a community for those who get over joyed when reminiscing about those silly child hood things we know we all did. For those who love to act silly and child like, for those who just really like cartoons.

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Current: Pictures/Discussions of your favorites! (cartoons, movies, game, candies, toys, child-like clothing, quotes/art/writings (that apply)

Got a theme to suggest? or a suggestion to be made about the community in general, all of it is welcome check here

Check out our memories! Most all posts are included, there is definately some intersting stuff in there!

Coloring Contest! Open to Join / Submit NOW Whenever!
For info on it look at this entry HERE
Leave a comment so I know your joining, get it in asap, when I have enough we'll vote.
need help have questions contact me secreteggshells

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1) Be respectful of other members.
2) If your going to post more than one picture, or if there is lots of text in your post, or a long list, please put it behind an lj cut. If you need help figuring out how to do this check the faq and if you still dont get it ask me :)
3) Be active!
4) Promotions are allowed but please include something else in your post.
5) After joining put one of the banners below in your user info, or make your own to put in your user info. Thanks. (not required but appretiated)
6) After joining make an intro post shortly after you join please, just to introduce yourself and what not. We have an example intro post a bit further down
7) Please use the 'Subject' of your post to state what the post is about, this is for our memory feature.

Please feel Free to contact me if you feel uncomfortable with any members or rules or have some ideas to make the community better
Chelsea Orange email/msn cro529@hotmail.com
or leave a comment on my lj

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Posting Ideas

Different things you’ve drawn/painted/sculpted ect
Writings that apply to the theme
Pictures of your toys/stuffed animals ect
Pictures of you dressed up or doing something child like
Your favorite cartoons/shows/movies
Quotes from cartoons/shows/movies
News about cartoons/shows/movies
Opinion questions (ex: what’s your fav disney film?)
General discussion of the topic
these are just ideas, posting is NOT LIMITED to the above things

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Please post a picture or a link to a picture online, with your intro post, that represents you/your personality.
You know how it is, here is a little application you can fill out when you join.
note-you dont have to fill this out, or all of it out, though it would be nice. Please though post some sort of introduction.


Nursery Rhymes/Fairy Tales?

Why you joined//
Anything Else//
Pictures (of anything you like)//

Copy/paste whats in this textarea directly below for the intro post

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(kissing piggy bank)
My Intro

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credit to obstinately

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credit to obstinately

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